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2017 Charity

Friends of the Special Nursery

The 2017 Festival of Fine Food and Wine at The Chester Hotel raised an incredible £105,000 for Friends of the Special Nursery.

This magnificent sum was more than double the expected target from the three sold-out dinners featuring Michelin-star chefs, a gin and jazz afternoon and an art exhibition.

Organisers had hoped to make enough cash to fund the purchase of a single giraffe incubator, a special piece of medical technology which provides premature or sickly babies with an ideal environment for their wellbeing.

But the bumper sum meant being able to fund two giraffe incubators, making twice the difference for the newborns, their families and staff at the neonatal unit.

Friends of the Special Nursery is the charity of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital’s Neo-Natal Unit for premature and sick babies.

Its committee is made up of parents and nursing staff that want to give something back to the Unit by supporting the professionals who provide such a high standard of care.

Since 1984 it has helped hundreds of families through these difficult times.  Many spend a few days with their baby in the unit whilst other babies need specialist care for longer and the unit becomes their second home.

Signature - supporting local charities

In just two years, Signature has raised an incredible £356,000 for charity. The first fine dining festival was held in 2017 and resulted in £105,000 being donated to Friends of the Neo Natal Unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The charity for premature and sick babies helps hundreds of families through difficult times. The same charity received £239,000 from the 2018 event, with a further £12,000 donated to Friendly Access, a charity which supports those living with hidden disabilities.

Signature - supporting local charities