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The first Campbells butcher shop opened in Edinburgh in 1910 with a strong focus to provide premium quality butchered meat and this value still stands strong at the company’s heart. Since then the company has developed to supply hundreds of restaurants, colleges and universities across the UK, working closely with high profile chefs including the majority of Michelin-starred restaurants in Scotland together with the chefs of the future.

To this day, Campbells Prime Meat dry age their beef for at least 21 days, improving the flavour and texture of the meat. They proudly continue to butcher their meat in the traditional way, never on a production line. This makes a big difference to the quality and the taste remains consistently good every time.

Being a Scottish company is a great advantage to Campbells. It helps us to produce the highest quality meat, because Scottish farmers rear great animals, predominantly grass fed and based on less intensive agriculture systems than elsewhere in Europe. Our fresh fish is just that – fresh. We source all of our fish daily from Scrabster, Peterhead and Shetland. We buy fish at the quayside from boats fishing in the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, assuring our customers of the freshest, Scottish landed fish.

We endeavour to source locally as much as possible to support the Scottish economy and work closely with chefs to develop seasonal delicacies and encourage food innovation.

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Signature - By The JEllie Foundation